Our Everglades’ Eco Tours into the wilds of Florida Bay are world renown. Early morning or afternoon matinee makes no difference… you simply never know what’s going to surface!

Take this little manatee aggregation for instance (yes, a gathering of manatee is called an “aggregation”). Talk about “in your face”!

One of Azul del Mar’s most famous guides, Captain Mike Makowski, snapped this “family” photo on his iPhone over the shoulder of our Canadian guests Scott and Christina during their half-day tour.

Apart from Key Largo’s amazing sunsets and evening star-gazing opportunities, a trip into the wild and wonderful wilderness – known around here as Everglades’ National Park – never fails to amaze!

Whether it’s a pod of dolphin, flights of migrating ibis, a float of crocodiles or today’s aggregation of manatee you can count on our guides to make memories that last a lifetime.

At our little boutique hotel we offer guests wildlife of a completely different nature!