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And The Fight Goes On

A world-class fight deserves a world-class finish.... photo finish that is! So when our guests Anna and Chris from Mississippi landed this 30lb grouper what better way to end the struggle than with a photo. Complete with hair, makeup, sunglasses and high-fashion gloves Anna forgot one small thing - the fish wasn't ready. And the fight wasn't over! Our offshore Captain, Zane Albury, tells us that grouper can weigh-in anywhere up to 600lbs which makes this baby look like chum. OK, quiet on set, take two...!

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Something Fishy

Ever hear the expression: something fishy in the air? Well here you go. A beautiful Spotted Trunkfish held aloft by Captain Mike Makowski. Perhaps not the best swimmer in the world, this puffy little guy tries to blend in with patch reefs or sea grass beds. But not here; he's about as obvious a fish out of water as you could ever imagine in this stunning photograph. Although he looks soft and cuddly the Trunkfish is protected by a bony outer surface that acts as body armor. Fully mature the shy but curious fish grow to 12 inches or so and sport a couple of long, sharp spines just to keep things awkward. Regardless this is one impressive little fella. Nice catch Captain!  

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