The Caribe Suite is the only designated ADA room (reserved for booking until all other units are full). The room has the following features:
Adjacent to the handicapped parking spot with a 24″ wide path over grass to the suite’s concrete patio

  • 40in wide entrance doorway (triple sliding glass doors with a 2″ rise over track)
  • 35.5in high kitchen countertops
  • 40in kitchentete turnaround space
  • Mobility accessible bathroom with:
  • 20.5″ high bathtub with hand rails at 36″
  • Bathroom sink vanity with 32in high but does not have roll under knee space
  • 24″ bed height with pillow top mattress
  • 16in high toilet with hand rail at 24″
  • 42in bathroom clearance
  • No braille available
  • No light or sound emergency signs
  • Smoke detector for hearing impaired available upon request
  • The interior of the room has not been modified to meet specific ADA requirements