Looking Back…


“Where’s my suite?” It’s the question we’re asked most when booking our beautiful boutique hotel in the Florida Keys.

So looking back from the water there’s the Sea Front Suite, Orchidea, (with it’s peek-a-boo Sea View on the lower left) and Royale, our Super Deluxe Sea View Suite (with six tall, bay view windows directly to the right).

Upstairs are the identical Deluxe Sea View Suites, Celeste (to the left) and Aquamarina (right). Both have picturesque Florida Rooms with elevated water views overlooking Florida Bay and Everglades’ National Park.

Not shown are the Tropical Garden Suites, La Palma (to the right side) and Caribe (adjacent to our butterfly garden (directly behind Orchidea) and just a few steps from the beach.

It’s a pretty blue/green day here on Key Largo – the longest Key!



Quick On The Draw


Graphic designer Nick Feigley can whip these sketches out in about fifteen minutes… making us envious of his creative talents.

If you sit right here, looking out across the downpour blue dock towards Everglades National Park, you’ll understand how perfectly Nick captured this Florida Keys Scene at our all-adult, boutique hotel.

Nick was staying at Azul del Mar in Key Largo – perfect for recharging those creative batteries.  In fact perfect for anyone looking to escape the day to day.

Only one hour from Miami International Airport and yet a world away! Decompress at Azul Del Mar in Key Largo.


Outward Bound


There’s always a surprise in store on our Everglades’ National Park Eco Tours from Azul del Mar in Key Largo.

This time it’s a group of Outward Bound sailors who cut a fine picture as their twin masted, shallow-draft Sharpie slices through the turquoise chop near Whaleback Key in Florida Bay.

Camping is permitted at Nest Key where you can observe Roseate Spoonbills, Snowy Egrets, Great White Heron, Flamingo, Anhingas, Eagles and many other birds in abundance.



In Spanish – “Azul” – means blue.

Driving the Florida Keys from Azul del Mar in Key Largo last week this was truly an Azul day. Absolutely stunning!


Nature Comes Calling

Living close to nature, like on the fringe of Everglades’ National Park, it’s normal to visit the unexpected. But occasionally when nature comes to visit you it comes as quite a shock.

Take this little fella for instance… Clinging desperately to a cluster of leaves as the combined effects of a cold front and a north wind last week knocked him out of a gumbo limbo tree.

Iguanas are common visitors to Azul del Mar in Key Largo these days.

The little Godzillas, with a population of tens to hundreds of thousands across the region are becoming a nuisance. Anyone is free to trap them at home but Florida law forbids relocating them or cutting them loose into the wild somewhere – since that’s pretty much where this thing started years back!